Rise and Fall of JET AIRWAYS

Before we start a history lesson, let me give you a “FAST FORWARD” lesson. Jet Airways ceased operations in 2019, and now there is news about the restarting of the airlines. But what happened in the first place? Why did it cease operations? Let’s answer these questions.

Jet Airways officially started on the 14th of January 1995. It had a marketing agreement with KLM. In 1996 it ordered 4 Boeing B737-400 and 8 Boeing B737-800. In January 2005 it was granted permission to fly international destinations and in May of the same year, it started its long-haul flight to London with sub-leased Airbus A340-300 aircraft which had two-class seating.

Their aircraft were coloured in Navy Blue and Chrome Yellow. By the third quarter of 2010, Jet Airways became the largest airline in India by passenger volume and carried about 22.6% of passengers in India.

Now let’s talk about my beloved thing, the aircraft, the fleet. Jet Airways had Boeing B737- 300, B737-400, B737-700 and -900ER from the Boeing 737 family and B777-300ER and it had orders for B737-MAX 8. From the Airbus family, they had Airbus A320, A330-200, A330-300 and A340-300. It also had ATR-72

Let’s talk about the services offered by Jet. First Class services were singularly found on its Boeing B777-300ER which was used for long-haul operations. Its business class was named Premieré class and was available on its A330s and Boeing B777s. It also had its frequent flying program named INTERMILES.

Jet Airways Business cabin

In the following year i.e. 2006, it had intentions to buy Air Sahara, a “LOW-COST” carrier of India, however, this deal failed. But in 2007, the deal went on and Air Sahara was renamed JetLite. By this time Jet Airways was a “FULL SCALE” aircraft carrier and mostly when a full-scale carrier merges with a low-cost one the merger is a failure. From this time slowly but gradually Jet Airways was going down. Kingfisher, a former airline, went down due to the very same reason.

It is believed that Jet incurred losses since November 2018. Many reasons are believed for this. Most claim that poor administration is responsible for this. Experts say that to make their cabin more luxurious, they compromised some seats, which meant that fewer people could travel and more operating cost, which reduces the profit margin. Also, experts say that poor management by the owner led to its downfall.

Another reason believed is the rise of low-cost carriers in India. Indigo, Spice Jet, Vistara, etc expanded their operations. This meant that Jet was getting competition from different airlines on its different routes. And Jet being a full-scale carrier had its ticket cost high than these budget carriers, and therefore subsequently lost passengers, and for any airlines passengers mean money.

Now some great headlines for Jet Airways lovers. Jet Airways is brought back by Maurilal Jaran and will soon start its operations. Let’s hope for the best.

I know this is one of my shorter posts, but currently, my schedule is very tight. Sorry, again for this shorter post. Hope you like it.



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